Gender role issues within community…

  • I heard of a
    dance somewhere where anyone who wanted to dance the lead/ “man’s”
    role would put on a necktie.
    There was a basket of neckties available and it got rid of any
    confusion because anyone without a necktie was assumed to be a
    follower and it all worked out somehow.
  • (someone else starred “necktie”)
  • Callers could
    take note if there is a gender imbalance in the hall, and encourage
    folks to try the “other” role, it’s fun!
  • I
    enjoy/appreciate the gender-fluidity in contra dancing – switching
    roles, even in mid-dance. It also makes me a better dancer and
    better leader to do both roles. I’d like to preserve this “do
    what you want” freedom and not have to pick one – even with
    neckties or wristbands or ribbons.
  • Callers can use
    words such as “leaders” and “followers” rather than “ladies” and “gents.”
    When you pass someone dancing a reverse-gender -> encourage
  • I really
    appreciate when callers refer to roles as “gender-roles” rather
    than just “gender” or “sex”. “lead” and “follow” is
    good too.
  • It isn’t fair
    necessarily, but I think one thing we can do as gender switches
    (especially mid-dance) is be extremely confident and clear in your
    dancing – people I think get less annoyed if they are less