How do young/new performers get gigs?

  • Friend
    recommendations to musicians/dance organizers
  • Friends with
  • Do guest calling
    spots or sit in with experienced band
  • Find a mentor
  • Callers/musician
    networks so they can swap gigs
  • Networking at
  • Play or call at
    small, “struggling” dances – to get experience and let people
    see that you know what you’re doing
  • Email/call every
    organizer you can. Cold call. Introduce yourself.
  • Start your own
  • Take workshops
    to network with other callers or musicians
  • Join discussion
    groups/online communities
  • Book a tour For
    yourself in a region where people don’t know you – if you email
    and say you’re a caller/band on tour they’re likely to book you, but
    make sure you’re good enough to get asked back
  • Get dances from
    experienced callers at dance weekends – word circulates, and people
    you don’t know will start approaching you and going, “so, I hear
    that you call, and there’s this opportunity…”
  • Open band once a
    month where some experienced musicians get paid to teach new
    musicians how to build tunes and drive a dance. Then organizers can
    consult with open band leaders about who is ready to get booked
  • And call at open
    mic nights
  • Separate open
    band and open caller times to help things go more smoothly