How to deal with less experienced dancers coming in after workshop?

  • Ask one to
  • yes!
  • Talk up (create
    a culture of) experienced dancers pointedly dancing with beginners
  • Glen echo’s
    buddy system
  • Experienced
    dancers should dance with at least one new dancer each night
  • Give discount if
    arrive in first half hour
  • Greenfield
    sometimes does “free if you come for a beginner’s workshop thing”
    and it seems to work well.
  • Commit at least
    two of your dances every time you go dancing to including new folks
  • Go easy on them
    and teach — a first-time dancer can feel comfortable (and hooked!)
    after one successful dance.
  • For the love of
    God, DON’T be bossy or superior. They’ll never come back.
  • If you see
    someone struggling, talk to them after the set and see if they have
  • If someone
    really doesn’t want to do lots of extra twirls, don’t force them
  • If you want to
    refuse an extra offered twirl, smile!
  • Dance angels?
  • Extra
    instruction during break!