How to encourage intergenerational dancing? How to successfully communicate re: intergenerationality to younger dancers?

  • Encouragement
    from the caller between dances
  • Floor leaders
    who lead by example
  • Telling friends
    about good older/younger dancers
  • Dance with
    everyone! Others will follow the example, hopefully
  • Ask someone to
  • Bring your
    parents (or kids!) to a dance and dance with them.
  • Encourage young
    dancers to dance with older dancers by pointing out that maybe they
    could learn something form their wise elders.
  • Discourage older
    men from being overly flirtatious with younger women (3 people
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  • on the other hand, it can be disappointing to
    dance with someone overly reserved because they’re worried about
    how they’ll be perceived – focus should be on paying attention to
    your partner; we’re not all the same!
  • Callers should
    try to avoid letting there be “young” and “older” sets.
    People don’t even know how good a lot of the older dancers are,
    because they never even rotate through them. (Could try a goal of an
    “average age” per set and move people).
  • When you do ECD,
    playing up the flirtation is kind of fun, as long as both parties
    KNOW it’s only for the duration of that particular dance
  • Encourage older
    people to dance with more energy!
  • This is offensive