How to get contra dancers involved in other forms of dancing?

  • During breaks allow
    time for other types of dances to take place – a small sampler
  • people like to rest during breaks!
  • it can just be a demonstration
  • Have a short
    waltz/scandi/swing dance workshop before a contra or during the break
  • Don’t
    disparage other dance forms, like ECD
  • Have other kinds
    of dance at dance weekends. Especially when not in the same time
    slot as a contra. (e.g., swing in one hall, ECD in another, latin in
    the third)
  • Play up the
    cultural/dressing up aspects of ECD, SCD (Scottish), etc. Maybe
    sneak an ECD, etc. into a night o’ contra?
  • Especially for
    ECD – play up ALL aspects of dance -> music, community,
    dancing, exercise, “it’s like Jane Austen”, etc. – not just
    the dance part
  • People who do
    multiple types of dance should encourage their friends to try the
    other kinds of dance and show them how fun it can be.
  • and not all those kinds of dance have to be incorporated
    into a contra dance event – contra dances for contra dancing!
  • Offer a FREE workshop to learn some basics or get a taste of Morris, ECD, Rapper, whatever it may be. Get CDSS to loan some swords or sticks.