How to include newer dancers as a dancer/caller?

  • Ask one to dance
  • But how many
    people actually do this, though they know it’s a good thing (for
    somebody else) to do?
  • Exactly my point
  • Have a
    guest-caller program – one dance a night
  • Dance in other
    sets (other than “experienced” set)
    the time every time!
  • Caller should
    remind dancers to dance with people they don’t know
  • Caller should
    encourage dancers to switch line every dance (to not create a
    separate center set)
  • Callers can
    personally ask experienced dancers to seek out new people.
  • Newer dancers
    are less intimidated by doing a “circle” or non-partner dance to
    get their feet wet
  • Experienced
    dancers aren’t necessarily going to be willing to dance with new
    folks ALL the time – for many of us, we come to the dance for
    another kind of experience. But creating a culture of expectation
    where experienced dancers dance with two beginners per night would
    make a big difference.
  • Caller could
    designate one dance per night where everyone is asked to dance with
    someone they don’t know?
  • would people DO this?
  • Yes, ask new
    dancers, then introduce them to your friends or point them out and
    ask your friends to dance with them
  • Chris Ricciotti
    gives AMAZING workshops on how advanced dancers can be “dance
    angels” to beginning dancers. This includes the line dancing
    blindfolded to get the experience of being a new dancer all over, as
    well as leading blindfolded dancers GENTLY.
  • Try to not go
    overboard with booking ahead
  • I think this
    question, and other similar ones, is actually two. 1. How do you
    make it a great experience for the newer dancers and 2.How do you
    make it a great experience for experienced dancers? These may be
    irreconcilable, especially if the experienced dancers are only
    dancing for that “amazing dance high” that we get. They are only
    reconcilable if experienced dancers see, and ACT ON the value of a
    real dance community, for its own sake. And not just for the sake of
    high-energy, amazing dancing.
  • [written on the perpetual beginners sheet and then transfered here] In Atlanta there once was a dance “mama” – a volunteer job where one person who meets the beginners at the lesson before – and then throughout the dance would supervise and help move the beginners in the right direction and give tips.