Is encouraging younger dancers/leaders/musicians more important than getting new dancers from any generation?

  • No. What is important is to foster leaders/dancers of quality regardless of age.
  • Yes. New perspectives/ideas. Longevity of dance life.
  • Right now, probably more important w/aging of dance community – need balance.
  • If indeed the youth component of dance communities is underrepresented and “wilting” in some way, then it is more important to cultivate that aspect than others. However, it is also important to still have that youth componenet integrated into the general community.
  • This is a really tough question…it’s definitely important to break down barriers between generations. Youth participation is great, but older dancers may be overwhelmed and feel excluded if the emphasis is all on youth.
  • circle mixers, unannounced.
  • (someone drew a frowning angry face)