April 4th, 2014

Hello everyone!

We hope you’ve enjoyed a lovely (long!) winter. Here’s something we hope will warm you up like a spring breeze – the Youth Dance Weekend spring news! Sunny fall days and crisp apples may seem far away right now, but the YDW Committee has been working on putting together another great program. Read on for exciting updates.


YDW 2014 will happen Sept. 26 – 28, 2014 at Kinhaven in Weston, Vermont.

Registration will open June 1st, 2014  and close June 20th, 2014. If we need to hold a lottery we will announce results by June 23rd, 2014.

Mark your calendars!

2014 Performers

We are psyched to announce our 2014 performers. They are:


  • Rachel Shapiro Wallace calls captivating contras

  • Adina Gordon calls enchanting English


  • Free Raisins (Amy Englesberg, Jeff Kaufman, Audrey Knuth)

  • Phoenix (Christopher Jacoby, Nora Smith, Corey Walters)

  • Julie Vallimont and Ed Howe collaborate for a late night techno contras!


Registration opens June 1st, 2014. If we reach capacity before June 20th we will hold a lottery to determine who will attend YDW. You can read the details here on the way the lottery works. The lottery will give some preference to groups with first-timers and folks who were not accepted in the lottery last year.

New Committee Member: Harris Lapiroff

The wonderful Julia Nickles retired from the committee this year. She has been with YDW from the start and we are grateful for all the work she put in to make YDW great. Sad as it is to see Julia go, we also couldn’t be happier to welcome our newest member, Harris Lapiroff, aboard. Harris is an Oberlin alum, where he helped organize the Dandelion Romp as a student, and now lives in the D.C. area. We look forward to benefitting from his thoughtful, can-do attitude. He’s already proven his stamina: he took an overnight bus from D.C. to make it to our last committee meeting! Welcome Harris!

6 Things You Can Do for YDW

  1. Tell your friends! Let them know about YDW 2014. If they are from far away, remember we have travel grants.

  2. Distribute flyers! Here’s a pdf to print. Or e-mail us and we’ll mail you some.

  3. Send us neat ideas (e-mail address below)! What workshops do you want to see? What discussions would you like to hear? We love to hear your ideas for YDW, large and small.

  4. Talk to each other!  Have a discussion on the YDW Facebook Group.

  5. Donate. Should you feel inclined to contribute a few bucks to the YDW cause, we have a “Donate” button on our website. All donations will be put towards the cause of perpetuating awesomeness, namely keeping the cost of the weekend down while continuing to try new and cool things.

  6. Continue to channel your YDW energy into leadership, great and small, wherever you are dancing.

As always, if you have concerns, comments, or thoughts about YDW, we want to hear from you! Email us at info@youthdanceweekend.org if you have anything to share.

Enjoy the last days of winter, and we’ll see you on the dance floor soon!

The YDW Committee

Mog, Sarah, Harris, Max, Mary, Alex