January 26, 2016

Hi YDW-ers,

Happy new year! Here’s a much belated post-YDW email to follow up on a few loose ends.


Lost and Found

Still looking for something that you left at YDW? Maybe you left something and you don’t even know it! Our lost and found coordinator Matthew Willner put together an entertaining Google Doc with a bunch of found items. Check for your stuff.


Camper List

Here’s a list of all the lovely folks who attended YDW 2015.


Documentary Update

Remember “YDW: Stuff We Talk About?”  We do too!  The Doc team (Mary, Lauren and Wren) are reconvening at the end of January to start reviewing footage and make production plans for a documentary video.  The major task ahead of us is to transcribe all of the awesome and interesting interviews you all shared with us.  Do you want to help?  If you’re up for transcribing one or two chats with YDWers, e-mail Mary (marystilleywesley@gmail.com) and she’ll send you some details.


What’s Next?

The committee is hard at work planning YDW 2016. Keep an eye on your inboxes for an update sometime in the next few weeks!



The YDW Committee

Abigail, Harris, Mary, and Max