YDW is currently¬†located at Kinhaven Music School in Weston, VT. It is a venue well-suited to our needs, so we have decided to stay there. Kinhaven rests in a lovely spot in rural Vermont. It has a beautiful dance hall with an excellent floor, a well-equipped commercial kitchen adjacent to the dance hall, plenty of cabin space and room for tenting, a party barn and numerous spaces to hang out and play music (several equipped with pianos)… oh, yes, and tasty, tasty apples which can be plucked right off the trees.

The rustic setting afforded by Kinhaven works well for making YDW a communal event. It’s far from the bustle of any city, it’s dark and quiet at night except for the awesome music and fun we make, and the stars are amazing. There’s limited¬†cell phone service and the cabins are simple (but four-walled). Despite requiring some adjustment, we think the rustic nature of the facility makes the weekend better. Away from distractions we can all relax, connect with other campers, and focus on dancing, singing, and playing music together. We think you’ll love it here. Check out the FAQ for answers to more questions about the facilities.