2013 Performers


The bodaciousness of this year’s staff is well beyond the bounds of sense or reason. They are:

  • The Mean Lids (Miriam Larson, Ben Smith, and Matt Turino) from Illinois, making music as awesome as the hats they wear.
  • The Jig Lords (Brad Battey, Kendall Rogers, and Marnen Laibnow-Koser) will preside over some fine music, indeed, not restricted merely to jigs.
  • Sarah VanNorstrand enchanting us with her mellifluous voice during contra dances.
  • Dan Blim, master of our English dancing destiny, will take us on a rollercoaster of amazingness.
  • Phase X ( Christopher Jacoby and Ross Harriss) will match the wavelength to the frequency and give us a rollicking techno contra Friday night. They will also make the other performers sound good by doing sound.