2014 Performers

This year’s staff is another star-studded line-up.

Rachel Shapiro Wallace

Calling captivating contras

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Rachel Shapiro (IL) is a contra dance caller who strives to communicate the joy of dancing. Having discovered contra dancing in Boston, Rachel eventually realized her passion for calling after moving to Chicago. Since then she has called throughout the Midwest, Southeast, and New England. Rachel’s high-energy approach involves clear, concise walk-throughs, flexibility in teaching and programming, and working with the band to create that groove that dancers love.

Adina Gordon

Calling enchanting English

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Adina Gordon (VT) finds an outlet for her loves of travel, music, dance and silliness by calling and dancing throughout the US and Canada, creating joy and minor chaos wherever she goes. Combining a voice that makes you want to do what she says with a commitment to using that power for good and not evil, Adina calls contra, English and squares both old and new that cause spontaneous eruptions of joy on dance floors. Based in Burlington, VT, Adina has called dances in 37 US states spanning all six time zones, as well as 3 Canadian provinces and Israel.

Free Raisins

Playing for contras, English, and couples dancing

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Free Raisins is Audrey Knuth (fiddle), Jeff Kaufman (mandolin, trumpet, feet), Amy Englesberg (piano, accordion). An energetic dance band from Boston, MA the Free Raisins fuse New England roots with a modern groove. They promise a versatile mix of supremely danceable tunes—come out and get your two scoops worth!


Playing for contras, English, and couples dancing

Phoenix is Nora Smith (fiddle), Corey Walters (flute, mandolin), and Christopher Jacoby (guitar, mandolin, ???), who hail from various points along the Atlantic Seaboard. A trio of talented musicians with a shared experience playing English country, contra, and Irish music, Phoenix is prepared to lift dancers to the roof and then bring the house down with rippin’ tunes.

Julie Vallimont and Ed Howe

Collaborating for a late night techno contra set on Friday evening!

Be party to a rare collaboration between techno contra livetronica pioneer Julie Vallimont of FireCloud (piano, sequencing) and live-looping master Ed Howe of Perpetual e-Motion (fiddle). Ed and Julie will also be providing us with sound for the weekend.