Ah, yes, 2016 was AMAZING!

Michael Karcher (WA)Michael Karcher

Calling captivating contras. 

Michael is a great YDW friend and we’re thrilled to feature him this year. His name is increasingly popping up at dance events all over the U.S. and Canada. He is a lovely fellow, both on mic and in a casual conversation.


Miriam Newman (MA)

Calling enchanting English

Miriam called for YDW several years ago and we’re excited to see what she has planned for us this year. She started calling in 2006 at the Swarthmore College Folkdance Club, taught by Joanna Reiner. After that she moved to New York City and participated in Country Dance*New York’s ECD caller’s apprenticeship program. As well as calling, she’s choreographed a number of lovely English dances.


Pete’s Posse (VT)PosseCTrio1

Playing for contras, English, and more

Pete’s Posse is composed of acclaimed musician Pete Sutherland (fiddle, piano, banjo and vocals), his protégé Oliver Scanlon (fiddle, mandolin, dobro, foot percussion and vocals) and the dynamic Tristan Henderson (guitars, mandolin, jaw harp, bodhran, foot percussion and vocals). Vermont’s multigenerational energy-machine is not to be missed! Plus they are nice folks.


Turnip the BeetTurnip the Beet (TN)

Playing for contras and more

Turnip the Beet is a dance band duo from Nashville that has been a much-requested YDW addition. Kelsey Wells and Jeremy Lekich have the ingredients for making a sweeping, danceable feast. Will root vegetables be on the menu at YDW, Fall 2016? You bet. We’ll be getting down and dirty.


Rushfest Contra Dance Party!

A late-night techno contra set on Friday evening!

Emily Rush presents her late-night phenomenon, Rushfest. A video is worth a thousand words….