What’s this lottery business? Why switch from First Come, First Serve?

While FCFS has worked for many of us in the past (nearly 50% of survey respondents felt positively towards FCFS), it has become increasingly clear that our current system limits registration to an unacceptably short period of time and restricts access for certain groups of people. Since registration takes place primarily online, anyone without easily available internet is at a disadvantage under FCFS. Likewise, anyone caught unaware of the the registration date and time is shut out by the onset of the FCFS rush.

Due to to these disadvantages, along with more survey data showing equally strong support for a lottery, we as a Committee concluded that removing FCFS from our registration process and incorporating a lottery made sense.

The main advantage to switching to a lottery is that we can accommodate a variety of personal schedules and it gives everyone more time to submit registration info. Think of it as daylight savings time on steroids; instead of an extra hour, we get three extra weeks! (Okay, that metaphor doesn’t really work, but you get the idea.)

So, registration will now open June 10th and close July 1st. Registrations will be accepted at any point during the three week window. At the close of registration, we will hold a lottery and return results no later than July 3rd.