Okay, how exactly does the lottery work then?

You can sign up any time between 7:00 am May 14 and June 7th at midnight, anywhere on Earth. Sign up either as a party of one by yourself or with friends as a party of up to four people. If we reach a capacity of ~130 (160 minus committee, performers, and crew) on or before the close of the sign up window, we will hold a lottery and return results by June 12.

During the lottery, each party will be assigned random numbers such that each member of the party receives the same number. We will then assign slots at the weekend, starting with the lowest lottery number and giving consecutive slots to individuals with the same lottery number, until we reach capacity.

Individuals who get into YDW during the lottery will have until midnight, anywhere on Earth, July 20 to pay their selected registration fee. Those who fail to do so will forfeit their slot and be transferred to the end of the waitlist.

Any parties not admitted during the lottery will be transferred to the waitlist ranked by lottery numbers.

Once the lottery is complete the waitlist will be opened for first come, first serve additions.