Travel Grants

It’s important to us to make sure folks coming from all over can attend YDW. We offer a limited number of travel grants – supported in part by our t-shirt sales – to help defray the costs for people coming a really long way to attend YDW.

Who Qualifies?

Grants will be administered with preference for candidates who:

  1. have never attended YDW, especially if they reside outside of New England;
  2. will incur significant travel costs getting to YDW;
  3. show potential for leadership in the dance community; and
  4. have a real financial need.

How to Apply

Applying is easy! All you have to do is:

Look at the application HERE and send the info by the deadline.


First round applications: The first round of applications is due by July 13th and first round applicants will be notified by July 17th. (Note this date has changed.) Mailed applications must be received by July 15th to be considered. Please e-mail in advance if you have any concerns.

Rolling applications: If there is funding left, grants will be available for further applicants on a rolling basis.

Refunds: If you did not receive your requested amount, you will have two weeks after being notified to cancel your YDW registration and receive a full refund.

Waitlist: If you are on the waitlist, please still send in your travel grant application. We will consider it once you are admitted from the waitlist.

Carpooling (and other travel involving multiple people)

If you are applying for a grant for significant travel involving multiple people (e.g. carpooling from Atlanta), you can simply make a note about this in your application. Please include the names and information of everyone involved.

Finding Other Support

Just as we hope you’ll bring something from YDW back home, we encourage you to seek support from your local dance community to attend the weekend.


Initiating the YDW travel grant program was made possible by support from the wonderful Country Dance and Song Society. To find out more about them (including becoming a member and supporting the work they do) visit

If you have questions or concerns, please send us e-mail.