What to Bring

It can be pretty cold in Vermont in the fall. Pack accordingly! Past attendees have asked us to make sure we extra absolutely communicate how cold it gets over the weekend. It gets cold! Pack warm things! Some suggestions for what to bring:

  • Tent (if you are planning to camp, see note below about housing)
  • Air mattress or camping pad (if tenting’s not your thing, there’s still lots of floor space where you can set up a mattress)
  • Bedding, including a warm sleeping bag or several blankets (again, it’s likely to be chilly)
  • BEDDING TO SHARE! If you can, bring an extra sleeping bag or the like. Keep your fellow campers warm.
  • Pillow & sheets (only a mattress will be provided in cabin bunks)
  • Towel*
  • Toiletries (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Alarm clock
  • Flashlight/headlight/lantern (don’t forget this; you don’t want to be lost in the dark)
  • Extra jacket, big warm sweater, rain jacket, windbreaker, long underwear, clothes for layering
  • Weather-appropriate shoes and warm clothes
  • Dance shoes and outdoor shoes (to help control dust in the dance hall, please have separate indoor and outdoor footwear)
  • Instruments, tune books, dance cards, song books
  • EXTRA MUG (Kinhaven is short a few)
  • Water bottle
  • Tea to share (we’ll have lots of hot water)
  • Board games
  • Your joy, enthusiasm, and excitement

* Please note that Kinhaven does NOT have a lake, unless you count the scummy duck pond, so no need to bring a swimsuit (sad, we know).


There are a number of cabins available with mattresses. You’ll sign up first come first serve during arrival check in when you get to camp. There is plenty of space for everybody. We usually have a few areas of the cabins designated as quiet housing, and you can sign up for those if you wish to have a party-free zone to return to and sleep. If you prefer, you may bring a tent to camp in instead.